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A New Name

If you’re a former customer, or came across an old post, or saw our packaging for jukebox lettering from “”, you may be confused about our new name, “Midwest Ephemera.”

For years I couldn’t find the original lettering kit for my Seeburg LPC-1, so in early 2020, I did a bunch of research and made a set. After posting photos online, other people requested sets, so I made more, and started making kits for other jukeboxes. I’m a graphic designer with a good job, and these kits aren’t raking in cash or anything, but I started thinking about other jukebox and record-related printed ephemera I could design.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, a friend and I chipped in to buy a vintage Chandler and Price platen printing press. (What? You don’t have a 2,500-lb printing press in your basement?) Getting into the swing of very-old-school printing engendered even more ideas for jukebox/record collecting projects.

So it seemed like a good idea to incorporate my various hobbies, freelance gigs, and side hustles into an actual business. Thus, “Midwest Ephemera” is now registered as an Illinois LLC. I offer my services for your design, photography, or printing needs, with more hand-printed, lovingly-designed jukebox and record-collecting products on the way.