Original Lettering

Our reproduction jukebox lettering kits are the way to go for most jukebox owners. For a reasonable price, you get a full set of lettering, enough to spell pretty much any name or phrase. and the option to change it up occasionally. You also get extra punctuation and dingbats that weren’t originally made. And for all practical purposes, they look just like the original lettering. You can buy those here!

But maybe you’re a stickler for originality and you want actual original letters made by Seeburg. Maybe you have original lettering in place but have lost a character or two over the years.

Well, you’re in luck! We have a large collection of original Seeburg type and we can help. Sadly, we don’t have every letter in every style, but we hopefully have what you need:

Check avaiability and order here

We’ve been looking for this stuff for fifteen years and this is what we’ve found. Other jukebox parts dealers may have their own stash, so if you can’t find it here, ask around, but so far as we can tell, we have the biggest collection around, and we have it organized, priced, and ready to ship.

Pricing varies by the quantity of each letter we have available, here’s our pricing guide:

  • More than 100 available: $0.50/letter
  • 75-100: $1.00
  • 50-75: $1.50
  • 20-50: $2
  • 10-20: $6
  • 5-10: $12
  • 4-5: $20
  • 2-3 $3o

If you need more than a word or two, email with the characters and styles you need, and we’ll figure out a bulk price to save you some money.

A few notes:

  • Again, some letters are simply not available, and others are cost-prohibitive, in this case, we recommend using our reproduction kits.
  • Our letters are in various conditions, some are brand new, others are well-used and scratched. Let us know if you’re trying to match existing lettering (photos wouldn’t hurt!) and we’ll do our best to find letters that will match up well.
  • If you need the LPC-style lettering, but can’t find all the letters you need in one color, consider MIXING the colors. This works well on some models (but not on the LPC-1 where anything but white is hard to see).
  • Remember that Seeburg made these letters for years, in different batches, maybe with different vendors, and they were probably cut by hand, so colors and alignment may vary slightly, but they were pretty inconsistent to begin with, so all should be good, just don’t expect absolutely perfect alignment. (Our laser-cut reproduction kits are more accurate, at least within the same batch.)
  • Our reproduction kits match the originals VERY closely, but slight differences are noticeable, especially when backlit, you probably don’t want to mix them together.