Personalize Your
Seeburg Jukebox

Through most of the 20th Century, jukeboxes could be found in taverns, restaurants, bowling alleys, and other public places. Some models, especially 1960s Seeburgs, feature a “Personalized Location Display,” a panel for operators to spell out the name of the venue.

For instance, the Seeburg LPC-1 jukebox features a wide panel (as seen above) where the venue name can be added to complete an otherwise-confusing sentence fragment:

presents the FINEST STEREO LP ALBUMS of the MONTH on 33⅓ records

Many other models use similar lettering. As time passed, and jukeboxes changed hands, this lettering has been lost and forgotten. Many owners aren’t even aware it’s supposed to be there!

After years of trying to track down a full set of letters for my LPC-1, I started making them myself, and started reproducing lettering for some other models, too. Midwest Ephemera now offers custom lettering kits for several Seeburg jukeboxes and wallboxes, as well as a limited stock of original lettering. Look out for more lettering kits, and other products for jukebox/record collectors, coming soon!

Customize your jukebox (or wallbox) for your venue, or to change up the look of your jukebox. Update the text to welcome guests, add a seasonal message, or change the theme of your jukebox when you swap records. You can invent your own supper club, bowling alley, or skating rink, or pay tribute to your jukebox’s original home!

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