Titivillus Mini-Poster


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Every printer has a devil (apprentice) and every print shop is haunted by a Titivillus, the patron demon of scribes, who mixes up type, causes typographical errors, and creates general mayhem.

Our shop’s devil, M.K., is already better at most things than their master, and their printing skill will surpass his any day now. Over the 2021 winter break, they spent a few hours at the shop designing, typesetting, and printing this 6×8.5″ mini-poster, featuring their hand-carved linoleum block illustrations. It’s printed in blood-red ink and available on four different colors of French Paper Co. stock.

The Nepotistic Apprentice Guild forbids paid internships, so this piece is available (while supplies last) for the cost of postage. Any meager profits will go to feed M.K.’s familiar, Geraldine the mouse.

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Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8.5 × .0125 in

Brown, Green, Pink, Yellow


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